Case Study: Robin Hood

Published: 2021-09-13 09:55:08
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Week One Assignment Two:
Case Study: Robin Hood
Megan MacKnew
SPC College

Robin Hood's Issues
Robin Hood has several problems that need to be addressed. The main issues arising that he should address first is the fact that his band has grown and is continuing to grow way too quickly, all while money and food are running out. As the numbers of Merrymen are growing, travelers are finding alternate routes through the forest to avoid apprehension, which has resulted in a decline in the band's revenue. These changes must be addressed along with the structuring and training of the ever-growing band of Merrymen.

Need for new strategy

Robin Hood is definitely in need of a fresh strategy in response to external happenings. He needs to reduce the number of new recruits, find other ways to find provisions for his gang, delegate tasks more, enforce more discipline, and join forces with the barons. Robin Hood needs to figure out how to change the fact that the travelers are beginning to avoid the forest to protect their belongings even though this is adding cost and inconvenience to them. Robin's current plan to force the Sheriff out of Nottingham is not working. The Sheriff is continuously using powerful connections to apply added pressure to Robin and the Merrymen. He has more money and more men.

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