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Published: 2021-09-10 18:35:08
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Case Study: (all questions carry equal marks)

Krishnan was delighted to get a phone call one evening from the finance company, saying that the new car that had been launched only a month back was ready for delivery. The appointment was fixed for next morning at 10. Krishnan and his family reached the show room promptly at 10, hoping to collect the vehicle before the inauspicious 'rahu kalam' began at 12. When he entered the showroom, nobody, not even the receptionist asked him who he was and what he wanted. After standing around for sometime, he asked a gentleman who was walking past, whether he would be attended to. He was told to wait. An empty chair was pointed out to him. The rest of the family had to stand. After a few minutes, a young lady came with a file, and all small smiles, asked whether he had brought the balance money? "What balance" asked Krishnan. "I was told that all payments had been made and I can take the car this morning". The lady went to check. As Krishnan was waiting, another well-dressed person, all smiles again, came and asked whether he would like to select accessories from the list, which were two full pages. "Let me get the car first," shouted Krishnan. The original lady returned, all smile again, confirming that no payments were due and handed him the papers. One was an insurance receipt. Krishnan wanted to know what insurance cover had been taken. "This is the insurance cover," the lady said, "Yes what kind of cover", Krishnan wanted to know. She went back to check again and confirmed that it was a comprehensive cover. Krishnan was then required to go to the workshop, where, after more delay and paper work, he got the car at 12.30 pm.

(a) Identity the Service Gaps in this case and how would you rectify the same?
(b) Explain the 'core' and 'supplementary' products in the context of above case.
(c) How do you find the 'people' factor in the above case? What skills, according to you, are lacking in them?
(d) As a show room manager what service recovery measures would you take?


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