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Service blueprints allow all members of the organization to visualize an entire service and its underlying support processes, providing common ground from which critical points of customer contact, physical evidence, and other key functional and emotional experience clues can be orchestrated.
Components of Service Blueprints
There are five components of a typical service blueprint:

* Customer Actions,
* Onstage/Visible Contact Employee Actions,
* Backstage/Invisible Contact Employee Actions,
* Support Processes, and
* Physical Evidence.

Service selected and rationale for selecting it
For blueprinting our team has chosen in store services at CCD. It will encompass all the services that a consumer can avail at the store.
CCD is a hangout place for the youngsters and is more seen as a place where one can party, chat, read besides enjoying the eateries all alone. Young Indians are trendy, demanding and also party animals. The way it has gained the popularity among the youngsters deserves lots of appreciation. As student of Services Marketing and on an endeavour to make a blueprint of the service organization, we see CCD as one of the best. It will serve us to learn the dynamics of the retail chain catering to such flickering customer segment. Further it will also provide us an insight about the critical services that has successfully endowed CCD with competitive advantage.
Three Key Employee Actions
1. Pleasing personality
In the hospitality and service industry, an initial pleasing smile or a warm greeting can do wonders to the customer perception about CCD. Also the training initiatives followed by CCD are in line with the requirements of those on the job like communication skills, salutations, greetings, etc.
2. Delivery of service
CCD pays due attention to the presentation and prompt delivery of its product offerings to the customers. The way in which the service is delivered to the customer determines how often the customer will be visiting CCD again and helps incorporate the positive word of mouth publicity.
3. Satisfy customer demands
The demands of the customers keep varying and satisfying these demands are integral to the success of CCD. It is integral that the employees are trained to handle all sorts of situations and leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the customer demands.

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