Cells Contain Various Biological Molecules Such as Sugars and Salts

Published: 2021-09-14 08:35:10
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* Since cells contain various Biological Molecules, such as Sugars and Salts, they have a Water Potential lower then 0 kPa. Water may move in or out of a cell depending of the Water Potential Gradient between the inside of the cell and its environment.

* When water diffuses into a plant cell, when it is placed in a solution of higher Water Potential than inside it, the cell contents will expand. However, since plant cells are surrounded by a strong cell wall, they will not burst. The cell contents will push against the cell wall, and the cell will become Turgid.

* If a plant cell is placed in a solution of lower Water Potential, water will diffuse out. This causes the Cytoplasm to shrink and become Flaccid. If enough water leaves, the Cytoplasm will pull away from the cell wall. The cell will become Plasmolysed.


The central vacuole in plant cells (see Figure 1) is enclosed by a membrane termed the tonoplast, an important and highly integrated component of the plant internal membrane network (endomembrane) system. This large vacuole slowly develops as the cell matures by fusion of smaller vacuoles derived from the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus. Because the central vacuole is highly selective in transporting materials through its membrane, the chemical palette of the vacuole solution (termed the cell sap) differs markedly from that of the surrounding cytoplasm. For instance, some vacuoles contain pigments that give certain flowers their characteristic colors. The central vacuole also contains plant wastes that taste bitter to insects and animals, while developing seed cells use the central vacuole as a repository for protein storage.

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