Chaf Pozi Case

Published: 2021-09-11 06:05:11
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Chaf Pozi is all about meat and local fare when it comes to the menu...

The actual fact is that there is no menu at Chaf Pozi. Fresh cuts of beef, chicken, lamb and pork are brought in on a daily basis and are displayed for you to choose from the kitchen. Once you have chosen your meat (you pay by weight) sit, relax, have a traditional quart of beer and wait for your meat to be ' braaied ' in the traditional way. Your meal is then brought to the table with all the traditional accompaniments such as pap, sauces, salads of the day and the special homemade chilly sauce....

Eat with a knife and fork, your fingers or even chop sticks , who cares , just get stuck in and enjoy...

Special set menu's as well as Halaal and Vegetarian meals can be arranged by pre-order only.
Halaal meals are at a surcharge.

nlike most traditional restaurants, Chaf Pozi offers visitors a different experience to enjoy local food and be entertained in the heart of Soweto, Shiza Nyama style...
A traditional Shisa Nyama restaurant, nestled at the foot of the iconic Orlando Towers, Chaf Pozi offers a township vibe second to none! Chaf Pozi has become a "must" for both tourists and locals alike , and for the dare devils, a bungee jumping or SKAD free fall experience is a must from the top of the Orlando Towers.

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