Change Management

Published: 2021-09-11 10:15:11
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Jr. Information Security Journal 16. 2 (Mar/Apr 2007): 80-89
Change management is a core information technology general control required to support the business functions of any enterprise. While change control is conceptually simple, the mechanics of implementation and monitoring require attention to detail as well as support from IT, users, and business unit management. At its most basic level, change management is a control system that ensures programs, systems, and infrastructure modifications are authorized, tested, documented, and monitored. Implementation of effective change management is part of the worldwide movement towards improved IT governance and transparency. An effective change management system requires just enough approval, testing, documentation, and review. The classical focus of change management includes lines of code, objects, schemas, and other components of the organization's core applications. Most developers learn programming basics either formally, in technology classes, or informally via on- the-job training. To ensure developers, users, and management participate in change control and avoid the tendency to privatize, the mechanics of the process should be straightforward, clear to all parties, and supported by management.

The Brain Trust Model: A proposed change to modern change management Diss.

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