Checkpoint - Film and Popular Cinema

Published: 2021-09-13 16:20:10
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CheckPoint - Film and Popular Cinema
There are a variety of distinctions between fine artists (art films) and popular cinema. One of the major differences I saw among them and according to the text is the popularity that popular cinema gained after its first appearances in the theaters worldwide especially after sound and speakers were installed in films and theaters. The reason for this was because popular cinema seemed more alive than art films. Audiences preferred narrative, or stories to unfold with characters they can identify, and action that thrills their imaginations instead of rapidly or slow motion sequenced photos to uncover a story or event. In art films time sequencing and duration was relatively important where as in popular cinema wasn't much of a big deal. Sergei Einstein and Douglas Gordon's films are an example of this. Another distinction between art films and popular cinema is that in art films editing was used a lot in order to arrange the sequences of a film after it has been shot in its entirety and in the other hand storyboards were used in popular cinema. Story boards are panels of rough sketches outlining the shot sequences for each of the movies scenes and they helped to determine camera angles, locations, lighting, and even the editing sequence well in advance of the actual shooting. An example of this and popular cinema would the sequence film of burning-of-Atlanta which had seven shots, beginning and ending with a panoramic overview, with cuts and close ups of both artists in the film (all beginning with the usage of the story boards).

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