Child Abuse

Published: 2021-09-13 03:45:09
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Introduction-The child abuse issue has not gone away in today's society. In truth, it has only increased as a problem. There are many more young people who are neglected and abused by parents.
I. Background to this issue
A. Recognizing Abuse
1. Visible signs
2. Emotional abuse
B. Effects of child abuse and neglect
1. Lack of trust and relationship difficulties.
2. Core feelings of being "worthless" or "damaged."
3. Trouble regulating emotions.
C. Types of child abuse
1. Child Neglect
2. Physical Child Abuse
3. Mental Child Abuse
4. Sexual Abuse

II. Abusive Parents
A. Abusive parent causes
1. Experienced it during their Childhood
2. Mental illness

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