Children and Adolescents: Victims Who Become Perpetrators

Published: 2021-09-14 14:40:10
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The purpose of this journal.
This journal sets out to consider whenever being a victim of sexual abuse can be a significant factor for a perpetrators. It attempts to highlight factors in understanding the origins and development of sexually abusive behavior at an early age.
How this has developed.
The author has used his own working knowledge from a clinical background on sex offenders to contribute to this study. It has also conducted a joint research study, with two child sexual abuse teams at Great Ormond street hospital and the institute of child health.
The research includes use of real case as examples from child psycholotherapists during the research assessment.
The author used the findings from the research team who investigated sexual abusive behavior in boys aged ranging 11-15 years.
They carried out investigations on 86 cases which provided them detailed information on the mothers and boys and social relationships were also conducted.
The author stated that the majority of these cases were from white families of lower social economic status.
Forty Six cases were studied during duration of 12 weeks of an intensive assessment. These sessions were semi- structured interviews. They used this information and incorporated hypnosis's for future investigations.
Four groups of boys: The one group was boys who had sexually abused other children, who were also victims of sexual abuse themselves. Second was the boy's who had been sexually abused, but was not known to have abused others. Third group was the boys who sexually abused others but who was not known to have been sexually abused themselves. Lastly the fourth group of boys which used as a comparison group, boys who showed disturbing behaviors, but with no history of victimization or sexually abusive behavior.

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