Children's online Time Should Be Controlled by Parents

Published: 2021-09-11 16:50:08
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A report of Flinders University showed that most of Australian students spend at least two hours
a day online, and it is double in England. But the most worrying problem is that only 17 per cent
of parents who have children at the adolescent age take an eye on what their children are looking
for on the Internet. It is clear that internet is one of the best educators for our children. However,
there are also many dangers of the Internet. Therefore, parents need to control the amount of time
that their children spend online.
That spending long hours online is damaging to health is the first thing need talked about. Kids
who don not get enough outdoor play easily become overweigh because they spend a lot of time
sitting down and not moving. They are regarded as couch potatoes of Internet. In addition, it is
said that this hobby tend too suffer because of too much viewing. And the fact that many
children have to wear glasses for the hobby above. Furthermore, scientists proved that watching
computer causes your brain to slowly operate.
When most children think of the internet, they think of the main source of entertainments such

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