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Published: 2021-09-12 14:40:09
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Chinas history is long and mysterious. It can be traced to a blend of small tribes which grew to become what China is today. In the history of china it is said that the oldest dynasty is Xia which existed between 2070 and 1600 BC with its founder Yu. From Chinas long history, many people have come up with various inventions that have contributed to the present world situation. Historians have said that China has evolved through several major stages from the primitive society to the current socialist society. Other stages that china has passed through includes, slave, feudal, semi feudal and semi colonial societies. Ancient china had many innovations and inventions. These ancient inventions that China has undergone includes;
History indicates that China was the first country to engage in Paper making, printing and publishing. The paper making contributed a lot in the development of the modern human civilization. Research shows that Hans dynasty produced the first lot of paper using rags, tree barks and fish nets between 25 and 220AD. Before this, the writing was done on bones, bamboo and wooden strips, stones, carvings on pottery among other materials. The use of these materials; so was difficult because of the heaviness of the substances and the immovability option of the materials. This led to the formation of members which were easier to spread, cry and write about. This technology brought about the invention and innovation of print techniques. In china, the first printing appeared in the tang dynasty this is about 2000 years ago. This was on woodblock carvings between 618 and 907AD . The invention of movable printing devices marked the beginning of printing revolution. The inventor was Bi of the song dynasty. This was between 960 and 1127AD. His printing consisted of processes, starting with the type making, composing of the texts, printing and retrieving the movable types.

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