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Published: 2021-09-12 15:35:11
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Travis Heinz

Assignment 4 Compare and Contrast

We are comparing and contrasting cultural art. The art on the left is from a Native American culture, where as the art on the right is from a Chinese culture.

How do they Compare? As you can tell the pieces of art vary quite a bit between cultures. There are also similarities among the change. The Native American art is a symbolic piece of artwork representing more than the picture itself. The Chinese artwork is simply a portrait of Chinese woman in Hong Kong wearing cultural attire. The focus of power comes from the Native Artwork. With the Chinese art I get a feeling of authentic culture being represented.

How are they Similar? They are both cultural and represent meaning to the places they come from. They both place a lot of emphasis on the colors in the art, and they both have a good sense of unity throughout the art. They also both use asymmetrical visual balance. They also both use a lot of shape and contrasting colors.

How are they Different? The texture to start is very contrasting between the two pictures. The Native artwork being very rough, and the Chinese art being very smooth. The motion of the Chinese art is nonexistent there is nothing to keep your eyes moving, where as the Native artwork keeps your eyes moving from shape to shape. They used a lot of similar colors, but contrasted them in a different way. The scale and proportion are quite different one being a hand taking up the whole art and another being a whole head and some upper body. Lastly the Native artwork gives a more repetitious feeling by the shapes.

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