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Unit Standard 111 v8aLevel 2                Credits 5Use a word processor to produce documents for a business or organisation.ScenarioYou have been asked to join the Sports Committee at school to assist them with their organisation and preparation of different upcoming events. The team that is currently organising events has little Digital Technology knowledge and they are hoping that you will be able to help them to develop their skills along the way.PRACTICAL TASKScenarioDOCUMENT 1 - NewsletterThe Sports Committee require a newsletter that will go out to the school sports team members families and friends to inform them about what is happening in the school for Term 1. You need to open the retrieval file which contains all the necessary information and present it effectively. You can add headings into the document where you see necessary. Evidence of a range of appropriate tools need to be shown and the document must be fit for purpose.The following must be included on each of the pages.Page 1        Headline (Sports News at (your schools name) and January, Term 1        A list of each of the events happening each week during Term 1        Sports Coordinators ReportIntroducing Sports CommitteePage 2        Scholarship Information                Sporting Inspiration                In an advertising stripe - Sponsorship Logos and Coaches Needed   informationPage 3         Includes a form to review the existing sports committee and to gather information from the local community.DOCUMENT 2 – Up Coming Events

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