Christianity Case

Published: 2021-09-14 02:35:10
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Christianity started during the Roman Empire time. It was mainly worshiped by the lower class in the eastern end of it. The religion focused mainly on cleaning up the Jewish belief of that era. Christianity was accepted among the poor class and it had its rough times with acceptance as it was divided in half with some people remaining Jewish and the other picking up the new religion. Christianity original founder was Jesus who claimed to be the son of god and a lot of people came to believe that. Jesus was a prophet and a teacher. He would preach to the Jewish about changing their harsh rules and regulations to a more moral central based belief. A moral consisting of charity, love and humility. Jesus then won all the trust love and affection of the poor. Jesus was put to death by the raging upper class with the help of the roman governor at the time. Jesus was crucified and put in a tomb. Christian followers believe that Jesus resurrected after the 3rd day of his death and that jump started the Christian religion. Christianity soon spread all over, the disciples then all spread and started talking about the religion that is how it initially began to spread a couple hundred years passed and now 10% of the entire Roman Empire was Christian along with some believers in the Middle East and Ethiopia. The religion was really started to spread it indeed grew popular among the poor working class. It was positioned to reflect on the oppression and inequalities the poor had to endure. Slaves poor and working class found hope in Christianity and they had the belief that the horrors will change. The political influence Christianity brought to the already declining Roman Empire was that it brought order and stability. The Romans were now building temples and missions to go along with the religion.

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