Christianity the Mystery

Published: 2021-09-14 06:05:08
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In Christianity the mystery of evil entering into the world is uncovered in genesis when the serpent tempts eve. Temptation is the way in which evil gains its foothold in a perfect world. Likewise in the book Perelandra, written by C.S. Lewis evil gains a foothold through a temptation of the Green Lady. C.S. Lewis captures this temptation in the book. Like Christianity, evil began and only tempts the women first. The Green Lady is very vulnerable to the temptations of the Un-man and that is why he chooses the Green Lady rather than the King.
One of the Green Lady's vulnerabilities is her innocence. The Un-man begins to tell stories of powerful women, and each of the stories were about women who stood forth alone and braved a terrible risk for a lover, her child or her people. The stories are illogical, but the Green lady innocence's causes her to be interested in this knowledge the Un-Man has. We see this vulnerable innocence in chapter 10 "as the endless speech proceeded, the Lady's questions grew always fewer; some meaning for the words Death and Sorrow-though what kind of meaning Ransom could not even guess- was apparently being created in her mind by mere repetition." The Green Lady hasn't until this point knew about the words Death and Sorrow. For Death and Sorrow did not exist. The Un-man used these words to capture her attention and she took the bait. These words were embedded in her mind and the only definition of the words was of what the Un-man said. This innocence of the Green lady became a vulnerable spot in her mind to the Un-Man.

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