Clean Energy Colorado

Published: 2021-09-15 03:10:13
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Clean Energy Colorado
Everywhere around the world people are concerned about global warming and energy. It is not just a myth; it is a reality and a problem that must be addressed. Colorado is no exception, the direct effects of global warming on our quality of life in Colorado are a real, and local concern. Scientists and experts often talk about the impacts of global warming on a global scale, rising oceans, melting icecaps, changing weather patterns. The real question is what we can do about it!
This is a moral issue. Our planet and every living creature upon it are affected by the choices we make today. The types of energy we harness such as; oil, coal, and natural gas all have toxic waist that must be contained to avoid and prevent future contamination to our planet earth. Scientist and experts around the globe are researching to discover new ways to provide the energy we need to fuel our lives'. There are new ways of providing safe and clean energy such as; harnessing the power generated by the wind and the sun, which does not, and will not have the same damaging impact on our planet as a result of our dependence on oil, coal and natural gas.
There is no question that America can break our dependence on dirty and dangerous fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy but, with global warming threatening our future and energy prices surging we need to act now. Here in Colorado, we are working to make a new energy future a reality. Colorado has an incredible opportunity to increase our energy security, cut air pollution and save consumers and businesses money if we make the investment now in the cleanest, economical energy for our future: efficiency. Buildings consume more than 40 percent of electricity generated in Colorado. So efficiency improvements to our buildings can make a huge impact in creating a cleaner energy future. Efficiency also saves businesses and homeowner's money. Right now we spend over three billion dollars for energy consumed by our homes and buildings each year, much of which could be saved through cost-effective efficiency solutions. We have enormous untapped power. Here in Colorado and across America, we can harness the wind and sun to power our future and leave dirty, dangerous energy behind. We're calling on Congress to invest in a green economic recovery for America. We're asking them to make increasing energy efficiency, expanding public transportation, deploying renewable energy technology, and reducing the pollution that causes global warming central elements in America's economic policies. In just the past year, Colorado's own investment in clean energy has lead the Danish company Vestas to announce four new wind manufacturing plants in Colorado. And with additional investment from Congress, Colorado could tap into the full potential of its renewable energy resources. Colorado's windy eastern plains could harvest enough

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