College Students Effected by Cell Phones

Published: 2021-09-15 01:05:10
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College Students Effect by Cell Phones

Today's generation of college kids have access to more technology than any other generation had causing it to be more of a distraction than a tool. With cell phones being a mobile way of more than just communication, students are using them while in academic classes. With texting, emails and all the new applications these phones are becoming apart of students lives as they are attached to their hips. Not only are students relying a lot on their phones to do things for them, but also these phones are creating bad habits and being used in inappropriate ways. College student's usage of cell phones is becoming more of a distraction in the educational environments because they have adapted to relying on their phones to do everyday tasks for them.
When you walk around a college campus, you constant see college student's texting someone as they walk from class to class. Weather it is their friend, boyfriend, or even their Mom they are deep into a conversation. These conversations are often times carried over into classes. If you sit in a college lecture room and look side to side, you will see cell phones on student's laps. Every few seconds, they will pick it up and quick respond to a text. Instantly their train of thought has switch over, and they easily get lost in the lecture. Once they get lost, more times then less, you will see them asking there neighbor what the professor just said or what that meant, causing more of a distraction. Not only is texting a distraction in classes causing students not focus on lectures, but it is always causing bad vocabulary. As if texting wasn't fast enough, people have created a faster way by making short cuts for words. Some of the most commonly used abbreviations are; IDK means I don't know, LOL means laugh out loud, and JK means just kidding. Text lingo is being used in more than just texts; students unconsciously are sending emails to professors or even bosses with things like "IDK".

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