Colossians 3:1-7 Exegetical

Published: 2021-09-13 23:55:10
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Colossians Exegetical: Colossians 3:1-7
Colossians: EN 426
Daniel Haugen

Set your mind on things above,
not on earthly things.
Colossians 3:2 (NIV)

Ei oun suvnhgerqhte (Aorist Passive 2P plural) tw Cristw (Dative of Association) ta anw zhteite 2P plural Imperative), ou o Cristos estin en dexia tou Qew kaqhmenos (present participle)
If therefore you were raised with the Christ the above desire, where the Christ is in right the God seated
If therefore you (all) were raised with Christ, (you) desire (or seek) those things above, where Christ is seated (sitting) on the right of God.
The "therefore") is signaling a transition in the argument of the letter to the Colossians to more of an exhortation, connecting the current train of thought to what has already developed (2:20) in the letter, "You have been raised with Christ to new life!" (Lohse 1971). It rounds off what has been said previously serving as a polemic against the "philosophy" of the false teachers and the introduction of the true alternative of that teaching. (Obrien 2000) Three times, in verses one through four, this theme of a life with Christ echoes. In verse three it says that our life has been hidden with Christ and in verse four it assures the readers that they will be made known to Him (Christ) in glory. (Reumann 1985) In this section of Colossians, Paul is turning his thoughts to a more positive aspect of Christian living, the positive nature of the Christians higher calling. (Richard R Melick 1991) Paul asks his readers to,  seek that which is above, referring to the heavenly world from where the upward call) referenced in Philippians 3:14 comes.
Ta anw froneite 2P Plural imperative) mh ta epi ths ghs.
The above set (your) mind on not the on the earth
Set (your) mind on the (things) above not on (things) on the earth (those things belonging to earth) Articles used as substantive (Wallace 1996)
This command to look above for the answers in life is repeated a second time here Paul is using spatial terms here and often used this method to draw a contrast between the present and future ages. (Garland 1998) This word  is also a present imperative indicating to the reader that this direction for setting their mind is ongoing, indicating not only intellectual but spiritual activity. (Deterding 2000)
Apeqanete (Aorist) gar kai h zwh umwn kekruptai (perfect passive) sun tw Cristw ev tw qew

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