Companies Who Practice Positive Social Responsibility

Published: 2021-09-04 06:25:08
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Topic: Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility
Name of Article Reviewed: Levi's Goes Green With Waste Source of Article: Business Week
Arthur: Susan Berfield
Date: October 18, 2012
Article Summary:
This article discusses how Levi has been socially responsible. In 2007, Levi's joined forces with other companies to teach farmers how to grow cotton using less water. Consumers wouldn't know that the products are produced with this 5 percent blended cotton because they haven't advertised it. Levi 's goal is to use a 20 percent blend of the new cotton in its products by 2015.
In 2010, Levi's began a marketing campaign to encourage people to wash their jeans less often, in cold water only, and line-dry them. They even changed the care tag to back up their suggestion. They also changed their manufacturing processes to use less water. They have found they have saved 360 million liters of water so far.
This responsibility then led to another. How could the organization utilize consumer waste? In 2011, Levi started looking into plastics. When plastic bottles are recycled, they're sorted by color, cleaned, and sold as polyester flakes.
Levi's believes products should be more eco-friendly, economically smart, and stylish. They will continue to research and design jeans that meet these needs.

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