Consumer Reporting Straight Talk Wireless

Published: 2021-09-10 20:35:09
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straight talk wireless

Straight Talk Wireless may be the cheapest way to get unlimited wireless service. The unlimited plan is only $45 per month. It does refer to the amount of minutes or text messages received in a one month period. As for the unlimited web it does not stand behind its use of the word in comparison with other wireless providers that offer mobile web browsing. In fact you can not access all web pages or stream audio from most available handsets offered through Straight Talk. The other plan choice is the "All you need plan" which is $30 a month and does not give you unlimited plan minutes or texts. It only allows for 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 text or picture messages, and 30mb of mobile web use. Again the mobile web use is restricted to the allowable mobile sites and limited audio streaming offered by the wireless provider.

There is also a very limited selection of phone styles to choose from available from Straight Talk. They do range from the basic standard cell phone to android powered or touch screen. Considering the low monthly cost the fact still remains that there are only 1-3 different styles of each version. They offer reduced price (and in some cases) free handsets on their website that have been refurbished and in guaranteed working order. the best way to deal with any customer service issues that arise the common answer is on line. Their customer service ratings are lower than average as most of the representatives are very accented. It is hard to understand or comprehend what is being said and they seem to be reciting as they click through the different prompts on their problem solving software. Their basic knowledge of each device or troubleshooting any problems seems to be limited to what the answer is on the screen in front of them.

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