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Published: 2021-09-15 01:55:09
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content to the body of the text. If small caps are used for a definition in the Abstract, small caps must be used again (once - for the same definition) within the body of text.

2. Table of Contents: The table of contents should not be numbered and the contents must start from page number 1. Any page(s) before table of contents should be numbered in Roman. The page numbers should match correctly to the actual contents in the final version of the report. Heading up to third level may be included in the table of contents.

3. List of Figures: All the figures used in report are mentioned here according to their page numbers

4. List of Tables: All the tables used in report are mentioned here according to their page numbers

5. List of acronyms: All the abbreviations and acronyms
6. Introduction:

7. Research work:

8. Conclusion:

9. References: In-Text Citations
References to other sources should be numbered sequentially by order of mention in the text, with the number placed in brackets and the end of the sentence and printed on line (not as a superscript) like [1]. In-text citations should appear at end of the clause/sentence. Multiple in-text citations should appear as [1], [2] or [1]-[3] and should appear in chronological order as [4], [17], [34], [35].

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