Corporate Social Responsibility - a Growing Movement Across the World

Published: 2021-09-14 22:35:09
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Corporate Social Responsibility - A growing movement across the world
This site is part of the personal site of Mallen Baker - Development Director for Business in the Community. It is an expression of my own interest and concern in how companies respond to the growing need to manage issues that affect their business reputation - and to respond to the growing needs and concerns of a range of different stakeholders.

This site is distinguished in that it is:

issues-based, looking at the emerging factors that are often about core product or service, or top level business strategy
international in focus, covering news and views of corporate social responsibility across the world
with a strong side-focus towards business change agents, about whom see more below
frequently updated. See the "most recent additions" column when you first return, or subscribe to the Business Respect newsletter to be alerted to site updates
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