Crime Statistics

Published: 2021-09-13 09:10:10
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As the positivists believe, the purpose of having a crime statistic is to have a brief outline of the crime rate of the society. Durkheim even suggests that crime statistics are an objective social fact telling us the condition of the society if it is healthy or not. Also, it provides the authority to check the effectiveness of the law, as to reform or demolish to law. The statistics can be used to manage performance of criminal justice system and understand the cause of people committing crime. As a citizen of the country, the statistics can reflect the risk of being a victim in his living region and as an indicator of the economic instability.
As the main purpose of having a crime statistics is to gather crime rate as a reference, the statistics measures trends in crime, which will be very useful to the public. In general, the statistics can measure the crime rate and level in society, at the same time reflecting the moral and social value. To the government, it is the best reference to evaluate the efficiency of the law and to set up the particular rule to protect the society. For the police, the statistics can give them a clear picture on the trend of crime, the detail information of the criminals, for instance, the age difference, their occupation and the relationship between social status and the kind of crime they committed are useful for the police authority to have a more detail planning on the solution in order to maintain the peace of the society. In addition, as mentioned above, the police can also evaluate their operations, for example, disturbing of manpower responsible for different region, to put more police force to areas that with higher crime rate and put more attention on the age groups that are found to have a higher chance as a criminal.

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