Customer Management & Satisfaction Help to Achieve the Acceptance of Work

Published: 2021-09-15 09:05:10
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Abstract: Sometimes customer doesn't eager to cooperate with new techonology provider because they're familiar with other product. In that case, it is very difficult to reach their trusworthiness. So proper & managable customer relation help to over this obstacle to reach the target.
Keywords: customer satisfaction, Customer management

Problem Behind

GP is the leading telecom operators in B country. They've about 20 million subscribers with value added service across the country. GP has vast roll-out plan in the year of 2008 to increase the network capacity. Finally Huawei awarded that project and both party agreed to perform IOT with existing E\ vendor equipments. For this purpose, Huawei wanted to start the job with GP for network assessment regarding existing network topology, protocol, functions & features but Huawei found obstacle to get this information from customer engineer. Customer's engineers are highly biased by present E\ vendor equipments. They were not interested to share their idea to with us. Ultimately progress is very slow. Our R&D engineers couldn't start the job due to lack of information. This project seems stuck at very beginning and it became alarming condition because PO was waiting for IOT result.

Analysis the problem
Project team of Huawei set internally to resolve this problem and discovered the root cause that customers were feeling lack of confidence on Huawei. They were not familiar with our equipments and not feel comfort to work on it. So they don't feel so interest. So, we put emphasis to increase the communication and growing there feeling to us step by step. So we make a team for each product (like, Core, Access & Radio Network) line to make more interaction with each concern department.

Business can exist without customers. It's important to work closely with customers to make sure the system we create for them is as close to their requirements as we can manage. Because it's critical that we form a close working relationship with our client, customer service is of vital importance. We need to make our clients feel valued, wanted and loved. So, we followed following steps:
1. Encourage Face to Face Dealings
This is the most daunting and downright scary part of interacting with a customer. It's important to meet our customer face to face at least once or even twice in a week. My Experience has shown that client finds it easier to relate to work with someone they've actually met in person, rather than a voice on the phone or someone typing into an email or messenger program. We've to be calm and take time to ask them about their requirement.

2. Respond to Messages promptly and keep clients informed

It might not always be practical to deal with all customers' queries within the space of a few hours but at least email or call them back and let them know we've received their message and we'll contact them about it as soon as possible. Even, if we're not able to solve a problem right away, let informed customer know we're working on it.

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