Customer Satisfaction of Grameen Phone Internet

Published: 2021-09-15 00:55:09
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In the age of information technology, the mobile phone technology has dramatically changed the life style. It is argued by marketers that these new technologies have the capacity to enrich the lives and to improve it in many ways (Risto and Askegaard, 2002). This mobile has enriched the communication network without wire. Therefore, it is very popular among the people but the customer satisfaction over the operating company's are different. Satisfaction has been conceptualized as a combination of the valance and intensity of emotional response to product experience (Stewart, 2005). During the mid 1970's while the underlying satisfaction process continued to be debated, the focus partially shifted to the measurement of satisfaction as an outcome of (dis) confirmation.

For the example, Swan and Combs (1976) in what was probably the first attempt to use a direct measurement of satisfaction (Liljander, 1995) used the critical incident technique to identify the relationship between instrumental (i.e., functional) and expressive (i.e., Emotion) outcomes and satisfaction.

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