David Faber

Published: 2021-08-31 12:10:10
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David Faber is a holocaust survivor who battles challenges throughout his life. Many people gave there life for David to protect him. He was the youngest of his siblings. Romek his older brother is smart and protects the family greatly by telling them when to hide. One day while shopping for food they got pigions and David asked to keep one his mother said yes he flew away after a couple of days he came back with tons of pigions and kept coming back one day they didnt come and mother thought somethnig was wrong so they all hid. A couple minutes or hours later germans stormed the building and killed everyone the Fabers came out they had survived. David had saved his father from being killed they were digging a trench when David told his father to run no one saw him minutes later the germans shot and killed all of them. He also got away from a camp that made them do hard work after a couple of months he and a friend he made named aaron ran for there life they got to a road and had to seperate. David ran through the woods untill someone said stop. They took David back to these tent he finds out that They are russian. They helped David if he would help them. he moves a rail off of a railroad which crashes he goes back another day and some germans spot him he start running but smells smoke the woods were on fire. He buried himself in dirt and stuck a gun barrell out to breathe surprisingly he made it through he made it back to camp but everybody lay dead in ashes. There is tons more on David faber to find out more read the book because of Romek.

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