David Suzuki Case

Published: 2021-09-11 19:35:10
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Short summary of "Food Connections," David Suzuki

In "Food Connections," environmentalist and science scholar Dr. David Suzuki (1994) argues that If one compares a western modern market with a non-western traditional market, then one can see the ways in which the industrialized society has lost connection with food production and origins.
David Suzuki starts with an introductory comparison statement between a modern and traditional market. Suzuki claims traditional markets give a sense of the people and community while giving a vivid description of the scents and atmosphere found in these markets. Additionally, he states how 'natures rhythm' is reflected in the produce, demonstrating a sense of harmony between the produce, the land and the people. Suzuki goes on to give examples of his personal travel experiences in exotic parts of the world to further show the connection between land and people. In Contrast Suzuki then introduces the 'supermarkets' of our modern society. A comedic incident and a short BBC story magnify the modern societies perception of food origins. The polemic nature of the argument is noted when Suzuki adds an ironic statement, 'squeaky clean' environment of the markets where food is sold. Suzuki further demonstrates the disconnect while explaining how seasonal variance is minimized and food variety is easily available in western countries. Further examples of how food is labeled and categorized illustrate the modern day obsession with food appearance rather than its origins. In conclusion Suzuki recalls his youth, not only to show how things have changed but ways in which western society has lost touch with Mother Earth.

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