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Since the end of the cold war more than a decade ago the antinomy of “people’s power” rises continuously. So many countries around the world have chosen this form of government. Nowadays, democracy is seen as a normal choice compared to other forms of government for example, dictatorship, republic and so on. It is an extraordinary idea that has a narrow and comprehensive definition. The term, “democracy”, originates from two Greek words: demos, which means "the people", and kratein, which means "to rule". This "rule by the people" was initially applied in Greece in the sixth century BC and today, it is a system of government. In my own opinion, democracy can be thought of as a form of government with four main features; (i) A system for electing leaders through free and fair elections (ii) The collective decisions made by citizens (iii) Human rights protection of citizens in the country. (iv) The rule of law that applies to all citizens
Therefore, democracy is a political system or form of government for selecting and changing the government by citizens through a free and fair election. In this form of government, the people hold the leaders responsible for their plan of action and behavior in office, as they are supreme and have the ultimate power.

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