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Published: 2021-09-12 08:35:11
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I believe that this quote expresses who I am and teach me how to be myself. Fashion is my passion. I always thought that being up-to-date with the trends that considered hyped at the time is the only way of being fashionable. But after I saw this quote, it completely, utterly, changed the way I think about fashion. It all makes sense. I learned that fashion items always come and go within a year or maybe few months, but style is always forever. It doesn't matter what kind of fashion item we are wearing at the time. The clothes that we wear everyday represent who we are. For us fashion lovers, being unique and fashionable is the most crucial thing for our daily life. But being unique and fashionable doesn't mean we always have to follow the trend and run it in our everyday life. It doesn't have to be like that as long as we're smart on picking the outfit and make it fashionable. I believe that in dressing our selves we should consider three things. First, comfort, second, clothes that represents us. Lastly, style. Without feeling comfortable, even the most fashionable piece of clothing can make us look unfashionable on it.

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