Don Quixote

Published: 2021-09-01 08:05:13
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Nyasia BakerDr. AkassiHum 225                        Don Quixote Don Quixote is a man who is dissatisfied with his boring lifestyle. He acts out his imaginations from books he read about chivalrous knights, and bloody battles. It is clear that Don Quixote suffers some mental health issues because he finds it hard to distinguish his imaginations from reality. Don Quixote can also be viewed as dangerous and a threat to his community for many of reasons. Denouncing his own delusions near his death does not justify his actions and behavior, so it is not a good thing. First, it has been established that Don Quixote suffers from serious mental issues due to him acting out his imaginations on books about chivalrous knights. During Quixote’s time period, knights did not exist and therefore did not have a place into society. Don embarks on a journey that only he can see. Don Quixote’s armor was old metal that was moldering. His helmet was made out of cardboard, and his horse was in very poor condition. In Don’s mind, everything he had was in the best condition possible as he even made up great names for himself and his horse. This is enough evidence to show that Quixote is not in his right state of mind. At an inn, in which he considers to be a castle, he thinks of the prostitutes as beautiful damsels and a peasant woman as a noble lady, whom he gives the name “Dulcinea Del Toboso”. Those around him play along to his foolish game as well, which leads me to think that he’s not as crazy but to a certain extent. Instead of providing him with the help he really needs, others in the community chose to add onto the story making him even crazier than before.

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